Service Providers Action Statement

The Service Providers Committee aims to strengthen the delivery of services for the homeless in Brown County. Meetings are allocated to facilitating inter-agency cooperation about case management issues. The committee strives to coordinate the improvement of services across the Continuum of Care by including prevention, shelter, transitional, permanent housing and support programs that address the physical needs and enhance the self-sufficiency of the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. The committee identifies unmet needs and gaps in services and works with the Public Relations and Advocacy Committees to bring awareness of these needs to the larger community. This committee works directly with the Balance of State to develop and implement directives from the state level.

Service Providers Meeting Date and Time

Service Providers Meeting
Last Tues, 8:30am, Virtual
Contact: Lydia Van Thiel at gbblueprintdirector@gmail.comĀ 

*All meetings are currently being held virtually, please contact the chair to be added to the email and invitation list.

Meeting Minutes